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We are a independent record label specializing in electronic music. Our roster includes a diverse range of talented artists from around the world.

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Sleeping Bears debut with "Hallowed Hill"; a track that broods and bubbles, with classic rock 'n' roll instruments fed thru electronic music mindsets. The result is a blend of sound that is claustrophobic and icy, yet warm and inviting; like a dimly lit cave housing an inviting fire. Shane Clarke of Elephant breaths further life into the track with a stunningly layered and nuanced vocal, resulting in auditory force of music and voice woven as one.

Sleeping Bears return with another brooding, boiling track, blending electronic ambience with classic piano and a fiery beat to create Fire In My Soul. A raw, fast-paced hook finds its home between melodic, forlorn verses and breaks, meeting like waves crashing on an empty shoreline. Like lone headlights lighting up an abandoned road, Fire In My Soul feeds a lonely image of one person against the world, with death looming like a spectre overhead; a song about fear, death and yet, also about hope and desire. Vocals from DB brings the broody tune to life with a deep, gritty undertone that sets the flow for a battle with time for all it seeks to take away.