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Fire in My Soul : Sleeping Bears featuring Darragh Bermingham 

Sleeping Bears return with another brooding, boiling track, blending electronic ambience with classic piano and a fiery beat to create Fire In My Soul. A raw, fast-paced hook finds its home between melodic, forlorn verses and breaks, meeting like waves crashing on an empty shoreline. Like lone headlights lighting up an abandoned road, Fire In My Soul feeds a lonely image of one person against the world, with death looming like a spectre overhead; a song about fear, death and yet, also about hope and desire. Vocals from Darragh Bermingham brings the broody tune to life with a deep, gritty undertone that sets the flow for a battle with time for all it seeks to take away.

Round The Houses : Out Today  

The third single from Hutch's debut album Romance & Melodrama arrived today with just one week left until the album is out. its been a long time getting here but also the lead in has flew by. While Hutch of course should be out on the road gigging like a trooper we are all in Covid lockdown so he has been live-streaming as much as his able with more planned in the upcoming week to celebrate the album drop. Team RCR hopes you've been enjoying the singles so far and will enjoy the album in its full track list glory. below is the Spotify link, so if you've enjoyed the track be sure to let us know by sharing it and tagging @music.hutch and @raggedrec in your Instagram stories so we can see what you gotta say about the songs. Stay Safe everyone 

Shayne @ RCR 


HUTCH is a singer/songwriter based in Derry. He has been playing and recording his own songs since 2009, in pubs, clubs, cafés radio studios, theatres, festivals, and various dark corners round the country. 


His style has been compared to the likes of Glen Hansard, Nick Drake and Elliott Smith

His second single, "Lost A Friend" is set for release in April 24th, with his debut album "Romance&Melodrama" due in May 2020 via Ragged Company Recordings

His music is available where music is streamed 

Website : https://raggedcompanyrecordings.com/hutch 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/music.HUTCH/ 

@music.hutch on Instagram 

@incaseitrains on Twitter 

Any enquiries/bookings, please contact: 



I feel like "Lost a Friend" was the turning point for the album in general. Before we started working on it, I felt like the song was a quiet, folky sort of "album track", and that "Whatever Works" was the natural second single. But what began to happen as myself and Shayne (Byrne: producer/collaborator) started recording and arranging the track was we realised that "Lost a Friend" was a strong potential single, as we both accentuated the shift between verse and chorus, and worked to get the best out of the song that we possibly could. What myself and Shayne were able to do with the recording is one of my proudest achievements


(Click Image to go to PreSave link)


Hutch - You'll Never Change..One week old 

Hope everyone is being safe and keeping their self isolating distances. 

Hutch has been performing weekly livestreams since the single drop and the outbreak of Covid19

so one week on from the launch of You'll Never Change here is a Facebook livestream he did to say thanks to all for the 1000+ streams and the Bandcamp purchases. keep an eye and ear out for the info on the next single 'Lost A Friend


So from all the RCR team enjoy the tunes, stay safe and see you all on the other side of self isolation.